Basic Services Available

1. Medical Services
2. Nursing Care
3. Rehabilitation Therapies
     a. Physical Therapy
     b. Occupational Therapy
     c. Speech Therapy
     d. Psychiatric/Psychological Services
4. Nutritional Services
     a. Nutritional Assessment
     b. Counseling
     c. Lunch and snacks
5. Social Work Services
6. Transportation
7. Recreation and Social Activities


Cost of Participation

1. MEDI-CAL (ADHC is a covered Medi-Cal benefit.)
2. Private Health Insurance (HMO) may cover the cost of services.
3. Private Pay
     a. $76.27 per day (price as of April 27, 2009)
     b. Cost for special services is additional.


Languages Spoken

1. English
2. Spanish
3. Tagalog